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2/24/20 - Small Bodyline Order

I ordered two things on Bodyline's website in the dead of the night (lmao do NOT drunk shop at 2 AM) and ended up ordering their Chest Heart Scallop JSK set (L445) and their Polka Dot Lace Ribbon Blouse (L117). First I'll go ahead and review the blouse:

Apart from the obvious wrinkles, can I just say, WOW. This blouse left me in disbelief because I was genuinely expecting well...costume fabric. Not only is the lace quite soft, it's also very pretty and doesn't look anything like on the website. I will admit I thought the lace was going to be crappy raschel but it's actually some kind of soft, stretchy lace?? Unsure what the actually name is. I ordered a size M (definitely be sure to always check the measurements while browsing their shop as Bodyline is known to have a huge inconsistency in their sizing system) and it fit true to size. The blouse is reminiscent of those old school BTSSB blouses which is why I bought it! It's got even pintucks and ruffles and even has a gorgeous rose trim. And you really can't beat that $20 price tag. Highly Recommended! 5/5

Now onto L445:

I was really excited for this! I've seen it everywhere and it appears to be every lolita's filler piece for daily wear. The skirt has a lot of heavy fabric to it that feels nice and can definitely accommodate a massive poof! Despite the partial shirring in the back and the shirring in the heart on the front, there is still a side zipper for ease of wear. It came with a detachable bow and a KC! And for $26 that's a pretty great steal. I purchased it in size M (once again, please check the measurements provided on each item's page as Bodyline sizing is KNOWN to be inconsistent). HOWEVER, I'm sure you noticed something was off in my first photo and no, your eyes are not going crazy and yes I did center that KC the best I could but:

THE METAL HEADBAND IS BENT TO SHIT. I'm sure it's gotta do with shipping and not Bodyline intentionally shipping a shitty band but man, that shit still hurts :'( The bow itself is actually pretty even to my surprise (especially compared to some of my AP KCs I've bought BRAND NEW over the years that were wonky or uneven...)! There is a little fold on the left side but a good ironing will even that out. Overall, the dress itself is great and I intend on buying it in pink and sax to add to my daily wear side of my wardrobe. Didn't really exceed expectations (it just about met them) so I am giving this a 4/5 (partly due to the headband being bent but also that the heart was a little off, even when I tried it on to stretch out the shirring in front).

Overall, I'm quite happy with my purchase and I am hoping to buy more filler pieces this Friday (I am in terrible need of more blouses and more socks, though I know that currently Bodyline is out of stock for majority of their socks). Shipping only took 5 days! Though for me that's a long time, even with EMS. Not complaining at all just reminding myself that if I want it in my usual 2-3 days via EMS I gotta order on Sundays-Tuesdays or else the weekend gets added to my shipping time XD. I live on the west coast so normal shipping from Japan usually takes anywhere from 7-12 days but I am immensely spoiled by EMS and Bodyline doesn't charge that much for it so I just paid for the fast ship time. ALso can anyone tell me what the bodyline points are for?? On Fromjapan and Wunderwelt, the points can be used to take off yen from your order but that doesn't appear to be the same case for Bodyline?? Or am I wrong? At the moment I currently have 46 points. Any help is greatly appreciated!